Writing Markets & Contests

College writers may feel that no one besides the instructor will ever read their writing and that, therefore, their writing doesn’t matter; however, as this blog is titled Writing Matters, I encourage you–and from time to time, I may even assign you–to submit the writing you do for our course to “real-world” markets or contests.

ENC 1101:

Letters to the Editor of Citrus County Chronicle

Messages to the Citrus Times Online

2012 Muhammad Ali Award for Writing on Ethics

I Need a Special Vacation essay contest (families living with autism)

Contests listed in The Writer magazine’s market directory

Writer’s Digest competitions

“High Paying Writing Jobs” (an interesting article I found on HubPages)

ENC 1102:

The Explicator

Analysis of The Explicator

Submitting for publication (guide to ScholarOne manuscript submission)

Help for writing abstracts

Database of literary magazines and journals from Poets & Writers

Contests listed in The Writer magazine’s market directory

Writer’s Digest competitions

AGNI literary magazine


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