It’s true: we cannot rely solely on our technology!

I typically have students submit their papers to; however, with a slow internet connection/bandwidth speed–or whatever seems to be the trouble with my office computer–I have not been able to view electronically-submitted papers for the last fifteen minutes now.  Due to technical difficulties, I cannot complete my work. 

Recently, I heard on Christian radio a writer comment that social media is only as good as its ability to prompt further face-to-face communication.  I now believe that a similar principle is at work with electronic paper submission utilities:  an electronic dropbox and internet connection are only as good as their ability to facilitate the giving and receiving of feedback.

In other words, my office computer, at the college, is preventing me from reading and commenting on your papers at this time.  From now on, to prevent this trouble, I am entertaining the thought of asking you to provide a hard copy as well as an electronic copy for all papers.


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