Instructions for Essay #1

Essay #1

Instructions: In your analysis of our course readings, you may or may not have realized that a common subject matter and theme have been discomfort or humiliation and growth or maturity. Frank McCourt felt insecure about his ability to teach unruly students and impress the high school administration; Amy Tan felt embarrassed by her family’s Chinese foods and table manners; and for those of us who read Andrew Krull’s piece (link posted on blog under 1101 readings), Krull endured the torment of being teased and harassed by his older brothers. However, we may also notice in these reading selections that the narrators ultimately learned from their trouble; there is a sense that each writer reflects upon one difficult time in his or her life and explains how he or she learned something or matured as a result of the trial. For Essay #1, try your hand at an essay like this. Describe a single event or experience in which you felt uncomfortable or humiliated, but after which you learned, grew, or matured.

Format: MLA manuscript format (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, etc.)
Electronic submission to (both in-person & online classes submit this way)

Length: 500-600 words

Grading Criteria:  I will use the rubric posted on the blog (under 1101 resources, titled “Descriptions of A-F Essays”). You may also benefit from using “Alling’s General Checklist for Essays.” Keep in mind, too, that I will be looking for specific description and close adherence to assignment instructions, format, length, and deadlines.


Wed, 8/29 Draft due to; (in-person classes will compose draft during class time this day; all classes must submit draft before midnight)
Wed, 9/5 Receive feedback in; revise & edit on your own
Mon, 9/10 Final draft due to
Wed, 9/12 Receive grade on final draft; analyze your writing process & performance on the essay
Mon, 9/17 Self-Evaluation #1 due to


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