Welcome to ENC 1101

This is the first blog post for Fall 2012.  To get started, recall that you need to read the entire syllabus, print it, and study it.  I will give a syllabus quiz next time. 

If you are in Section 41 (meets at 9:30), recall that you need to write the diagnostic and bring it to our next class:  “What did you learn from class on Day One, and what are your goals for this course?”  If you missed Day One, you may write about your goals and evaluate your current writing ability. 

Also, I ask that you read the “About” page of this blog, and click around to orient yourself with the layout of the blog and the resources I have provided for you.  You may be especially interested in the “Checklist for Writing Essays” and “Descriptions of A-F Papers” under the ENC 1101 Readings & Resources. 

Enjoy the course.  I hope you will learn a lot from our time together:)


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