Start Your Engines: It’s time to learn about articles published in _The Explicator_!

Hi everyone!  This week, in Module #4, you will finish reading and writing about the literature (in the discussion boards), and then you will turn your attention to studying the scholarly journal The Explicator.  

The Rhetorical Analyses require you to locate and examine two (2) sample notes/articles from The Explicator, and then write individual 500-word analyses of each one.  (Note:  I have posted two sample notes from The Explicator on your Reading List, under Short Stories–on “A & P” & “Babylon Revisited”).

You may write these analyses as essays, but do not overly concern yourself with the usual essay conventions such as thesis statements, etc.  Your goal is to explain the features and rhetorical situation of your notes/articles.  For example, their thesis statements, audience, purpose, organization, use of sources, tone and word choice, length and scope of the writing, argument techniques, etc.—whatever you think is notable,  and whatever you learn about published literary criticism, since you will have to submit a scholarly note or article for your final assignment.

Remember that you are analyzing these notes/articles in preparation for your own submission to this journal.


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