Read, Analyze, Appreciate, Write

I hope you are settling into the course and successfully navigating our associated websites (Writing Matters blog,, account creation for The Explicator).

Module #1 had you read the syllabus, create online accounts, and begin to post in the discussion boards.

Module #2 had you begin reading literature, continue posting in the discussion boards, and write an essay.

Module #3, which you are now beginning, will have you continue reading literature, posting in the discussion boards, and writing another essay.

I hope you are enjoying the literature selections, analyzing the works carefully, and appreciating what the writers have to say.  Remember to consult the list of Resources if you need to understand literary devices that writers often use in their works.  Be sure to watch the two videos about poetry I recently posted.

For Module #3, here is a video that shows you how to locate articles of literary criticism using the CF library databases.  You can use these articles to help you write your second essay, as well as to familiarize yourself with scholarly journals, which you will be studying in Module #4.


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