Day 1: We have to improvise!

If you are in my ENC 1102 course, you will submit your assignments to (on the left side of the blog navigation).  One of you told me, though, that you cannot view the discussion board topics.  If this is the case with you too, then please submit your assignments for Module #1 via e-mail for now. 

My e-mail is

The first assignment is due by Wed, 6/27 (no time specifically, but by noon would be nice).  It is a diagnostic writing of 250 words (ungraded):

  • Go to the Reading List, which is shown below the syllabus.  Read Chuck Leddy’s book review “How We Read in the Digital Age.” Then, respond to one idea from Ulin’s book _The Lost Art of Reading._

The second assignment is due by noon on Fri, 6/29.  It is a graded writing of 250 words:

  • Go to the Reading List, which is shown below the syllabus.  Read the Over-Arching Questions for the Course.  Which of the over-arching questions for the course interest you most for your essays? Why? Brainstorm some ideas: what do you think you’ll write about, for your first essay, at least?

    FYI: #5 in the list of over-arching questions would allow you to write about one specific work of literature.

I will update you if the discussion board works later.


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