My main goal is to share course information and composition resources so that you become more engaged, responsible students and more effective writers.  I will also engage in the composing process alongside you, as I write posts, create assignments, evaluate your writing, and design this blog.

The resources I post will pertain to the rhetorical situation, editing your work, using critical thinking when forming your thesis and argument, choosing effective words, finding and incorporating sources, reading other texts as models of form, understanding literature, and much more.

Prior to becoming a college instructor in 2006, I wrote newspaper articles, legal correspondence, workplace and faith-based newsletters, personal journals, essays, and poems.  I am currently working on a portfolio for continuing contract and an e-book.  I am also composing material for writing workshops I will conduct in the Learning Support Center, as well as serving as faculty advisor for the student literary magazine In the Write Mind.

And now, because I love humor and I love my–er, composition colleague, Tom Cruise, here is an irresistible video.   (My ENC 1101 students better use critical reading on this one!)

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